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FAR IO – 500: The FAR Five Hundred Dollars ($500) Investment Option

The FAR IO – 500 is a FAR Investment Option available with the FAR program. Under this option, individuals may invest a minimum of five hundred dollars ($500). This investment option returns two thousand dollars ($2,000) payable daily through our systems for qualified investors. There is a five (5) percent administrative fee for each instrument of this option. There are four (4) clicks required for a position to change under this investment option. To invest in this option, please follow the instructions below:


STEP # 1

Select Investment Option form, read, sign written contract and complete Investment form

•  Name, Address, Telephone number, Social Security Number and two forms of Identifications. ( One of the Identifications must be a current State or federal issued ID)

•  Read and Accept terms agreement

•  Financial information for direct deposit of the FAR CROI (Bank Name, Routing Number, Account Number, Account Type)


STEP # 2

Complete payments process.


STEP # 3

Copy your Personal Identification Number (PIN) and Position Number

Write your Personal Identification Number (PIN) and Position Number and keep it for reference when monitoring our website for the status of your position. Do not share your PIN. The Position Number is the next available number issued to investors to secure a number in the queue.


STEP # 4

Continue to monitor the website for the new position of your PIN on our automated system. Our system is updated daily at 12:00 am EST.

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